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Hi! I am Mary Quinto, the founder of Forwardpinay Academy that entreats Filipinas to be the better version of themselves. I am an 8 years online entrepreneur with my own brand of a clothing line, MARTHENA MERCIER formerly known as DRESS IN MANILA in which I launched using the digital online strategy, catering the ONLINE market. While at the same time as a bonus point, I am also a wife and a mother of three little kids. Of course, my life can be described as a"sweet disaster''.
All throughout my journey as a Filipina Mom and a Businesswoman, I already master the art of juggling things by my own.
And since I've been in sales for a long time, I have met a lot of Filipinas in the Philippines and also abroad, and had chances to talk deeper with them.
There was a moment in my life that I have realized my heart wanted to help people who are in need of developing themselves in one aspect of their lives. So I've decided to reach out for those Pinay like me and help them by developing one of a kind programs that I believe is essential to them.
And by that, I will be able to help them arise just like I did.


with Forward Pinay

In this course

you will learn the true knowledge of the step-by-step and in reality process in creating up your online business and your own brand.
This course will be your guide right from the start until the process flows.
There are tips, strategies, and ways you can use and apply to help you gain your dream of success.
Information and lessons in this course are proven not just by any theory and Ideas but also by actual experiences.

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Ones you are bound into the life of “motherhood” you can never hold back! There is no exit and there is no escape! Sabi nga “hindi ito parang mainit na kanin na kapag isinubo mo basta basta, iluluwa mo na lang kapag napaso ka” oh well yes I know maybe that line is for the marriage but mind you!


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The greatest and loudest shout out to all the mothers out there!! To those hardworking Moms to those who are strong, to those who are always bound into responsibilities, to those who needs a break, to those who needs to strive harder, to those who needs to improve, to those who ought for success!


Forward Pinay


As you can see, isn’t it ironic that the stay-at-home Moms declined and those stay-at-home fathers rise-up! I mean usually kasidiba, angmgaamaangwalasabahay at lagging nana yang naiiwan, that’s how our culture and life works as a mother, but that is before!


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