Meet the founders

Meet Mary,
An astounding entrepreneur in the field of E-commerce, doing business in clothing line for 11 years living with her 3 kids all along with her husband pursuing profession of engineering overseas.

Meet Tinette,
An inspiring CEO of ConsultAsia, a worldwide training company for over _years, mastering in field of being a Single Mom to Sofia her daughter, while being a student of Oxford University.
Above is the simplest form of describing these two women behind the creation of ForwardPinay. Now is the time to dig in deeper and take sights of who they really are behind front pages.  True enough, spotting their differences with each other are a lot easier than taking their similarities, but guess what? Those similarities we are talking about are actually thee very reason why ForwardPinay exists.
Except from the obvious that they both have commitments to purposive businesses, these two women are actually bonded with things that are very common and relevant to most of Filipina nowadays. Both are given a chance to roam around the world and witness different situations where they assessed how Filipina lives and been treated in different places. Considering also their experiences of being a mother alone while working and still investing to things they wanted to have progress and improvements, we can obviously say that they have been through a lot more than we can imagine. They have learned and explored different struggles, life challenges and needs of being a woman especially a striving Filipina. Just like others, they did stumble and fall, cried and whipped but they act not how everybody acts. They rise and fight. After all they have been through, similar to each other they decided to cut the chain. They know that those similarities of them can be the start of something different. They know that pages behind pages of their journey to life can be an inspiration for a Filipina to start writing her own book and change her own life.
Indeed, it is a lot easy to spot differences than take similarities and build something for a change, but surely, there will be a hundred percent possibility if we all just take the step forward! Pinay.


with Forward Pinay

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you will learn the true knowledge of the step-by-step and in reality process in creating up your online business and your own brand.
This course will be your guide right from the start until the process flows.
There are tips, strategies, and ways you can use and apply to help you gain your dream of success.
Information and lessons in this course are proven not just by any theory and Ideas but also by actual experiences.

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Ones you are bound into the life of “motherhood” you can never hold back! There is no exit and there is no escape! Sabi nga “hindi ito parang mainit na kanin na kapag isinubo mo basta basta, iluluwa mo na lang kapag napaso ka” oh well yes I know maybe that line is for the marriage but mind you!


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The greatest and loudest shout out to all the mothers out there!! To those hardworking Moms to those who are strong, to those who are always bound into responsibilities, to those who needs a break, to those who needs to strive harder, to those who needs to improve, to those who ought for success!


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As you can see, isn’t it ironic that the stay-at-home Moms declined and those stay-at-home fathers rise-up! I mean usually kasidiba, angmgaamaangwalasabahay at lagging nana yang naiiwan, that’s how our culture and life works as a mother, but that is before!


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