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The greatest and loudest shout-out to all the mothers out there!!  to the entire woman like me! Those who strive really hard for their families! Those who lend all their time, effort and all of their selves being a mother! Those who are so caring, so patient and so loving! 

Sa mga Ilaw ng tahanang patuloy na nagbibigay liwanag kahit gaano pa kadilim! To those “dakilang Ina” of all times!



I have a big and really awesome and wonderful news for all of us! 

You know what? 

We! The Mothers, nothing less, nothing more! 

 We Deserve the highest honor in this world! 

We deserve the greatest award of all times! 

We deserve the biggest "THANK YOU" Of everyone! 

It is the highest, the greatest and the biggest of all things that are what we deserved!

Why? Ay mali! “Why” is not even a question for this! 


So if you're asking if it is not, then what? Well, to tell you the truth “what” is not the question either, the real question here is “how” not “why” neither “what” 

it is definitely “how” do we, the mothers deserve the highest honor, the greatest award and the biggest “thank you” in this world? 

 Recently I’ve been watching a really awesome movie "the Bad Moms"

 I’m sure you can relate too! 

Why? Because the movie is all about us! 

 It is about how the mothers like us struggled every day! 

How we face all those struggles and hardships and how we deserve the highest, the greatest and the biggest! 

 I’ll give you a little insight, but It is much better if you will watch it all by yourself. So the movie talks about how the everyday life of a Mom goes by, how she does everything all by herself, as in all of the things all by herself! She does the breakfast, send her kids to school with their home made lunch, then she goes to work, attends PTA meetings on school, do her kid’s project and home works and so on and so forth! 

But the thing is, still! 

After all things she does, after all those times she would eat at her car, be late at meetings and be a mother with no time out! Not even a minute break, nor a second, 

She is still being judged as a Bad Mother! 

Is it funny? After doing all that we can do to be the best Mom! To be the Good as ever Mother! 

Still, it isn’t enough! That’s how this mainstream of a “Perfect Mom” goes by! Not only in the movie! It is happening here! In the reality! Have you experienced that?



 Sabi nga sa isang famous line ni Vilma Santos sa pelikulang “Anak”,-“Bakit ang ama, makapag-trabaho lang sya at maibigay ang pangangailangan ng anak mabuti na sa paningin ng iba?

 Pero bakit ang ina ginawa mo ng lahat nagpakapagod

ka, masama parin sa paningin ng iba?

 That’s true! Diba? Especially nowadays, 

the dilemma of being a mother is a “perfect one”. Mothers should be perfect in their eyes! Kailangan nating maging perpektong Ina sa paningin nila, that is when they will say we are a good mom! 

Which is in reality that “perfect Mom” doesn't even exist! There is no such a perfect Mother! 

 It is because there is no particular measurement of being a mother, it can’t be measured by the things we can give to our family,! 

It can’t be measured by the way we manage anything, it can’t be measured by how we start the day and end it still as a mother, 

it can’t be measured by how others see us doing our responsibilities in our own ways!

 It cannot be measured by even how hard we work, how hard we strive and how hard we sacrifice ourselves! 

Hindi nasusukat ang pagiging nanay natin sa lakit na ano! 

Cause only us! Will understand how much we can give as a mother! Kaya if you will ask me again how do we! The Mothers, deserve the highest, the greatest and the biggest?


It is because we are IMMEASURABLE!

No one can ever say how far we can go being a mother!

 How much we can give being a mother! 

And how come we can be anyone and anything being a mother! 

Hindi tayo katulad ng mga taong binibigyang parangal kasi sya ang pinaka mahusay sa ganito ganyan.

We are not like anyone who is highly respected kasi president sya nito at dito, We are not like those people who’s receiving the biggest thank you kasi ganito at ganyan! 

No! we are no like them! We deserve the highest honor, the greatest award, and the biggest thank you because we are immeasurable!



The dilemma of a mother is absolutely and definitely immeasurable!

Kaya to all those mothers out there! CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve all the highest, the greatest and the biggest of all things! We honor you, we appreciate you! And we thank you!


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