Forwardpinay is an organization that aims to help Filipinas to uplift their image as a woman in worldwide places.

Forwardpinay aims to build a new creation and better versions of Filipino women and this organization has been created because of the real situations of them nowadays.

Here are the heartbreaking truths about the situations of our fellow Filipinas mostly overseas.

Maybe you are already aware of these which is much better, or you are currently struggling in one, if yes?

let us address it.

  • There are Filipinas who hardly finished a degree but still doesn’t receive the job they really deserve especially abroad. They usually end up being a domestic helper.
  • There are Filipinas who sadly think they are less worth it, they are weak and they can’t do anything about their situation.
  • There are Filipinas who feels like they are lost and they do not have directions to follow especially when they are not in our home town.
  • There are young Filipinas who feel empty and senseless so they might take wrong paths in life.
  • There are Filipinas who are already married but they lose their confidence and worth since the dilemma is that “Wives only stay at home”
  • Or maybe there are Filipinas who already have the skills and talents but they don’t have enough resources, and they still lack in guidance so they lose opportunities.
  • And also, as one truth, a Filipina is sadly labeled or defined as a “maid” into other countries.

Yes! It is true that we! Filipinas, are commonly known on to different countries and places as a Maid, Yaya or “kasambahay” as we named it.

In the Greek dictionary, Filipina is translated to the word “maid” literally!

There are articles that prove this heartbreaking perception of our fellow human being on the other side of the world. And believe it or not, even before I do researches about this sad dilemma of Filipinas abroad, I have encountered a situation which brings me to realize about the Pinay being defined only as a maid, nothing more! Nothing less!

Well yes! I know there is nothing wrong about being a “kasambahay” in fact it is one of the jobs we refer as “marangal”

but the thing is I also believe that we, Filipinas have more than what it takes to be a maid, we are more than what they see us being a kasambahay.

And looking into the other side, the good thing is that these situations above which made me sad to think, are also the reason that drives the forwardpinay organization to be created.

we need to change this perception of others about us, we must uplift ourselves and show to the entire universe that we can be anything that we want, we can be known as a successful, amazing and outstanding ladies of all times, of all places and of all circumstances!

That is why Forwardpinay works to build programs to help our fellow Filipinas on building their own unique and better image around the world.

And even if they are far away from our home country, the organization makes sure that they can access forwardpinay with the use of the internet, so that it will be more convenient and easy for them.

And to sum it all in just one sentence, if you are still asking what is forwardpinay,

Forwardpinay is an organization that seeks for the ways to bring great and better changes into the every life of Filipinas!

We want you to take the step forward! Pinay.


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