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Ones you are bound into the life of “motherhood” you can never hold back! There is no exit and there is no escape! Sabi nga “hindi ito parang mainit na kanin na kapag isinubo mo basta basta,  iluluwa mo na lang kapag napaso ka” oh well yes I know maybe that line is for the marriage but mind you! It is also related to us! The Moms, nanay, Ina, Mother or mudra! Being a mother will never be easy! hindi natin to bast basta mailuluwa, once we enter it? we are already chained by the consequences and of course, the price! pero there is no such thing as “easy” in this world of being a “mother” why?

Kasi kapag nanay ka na, you are forever bound into responsibilities! Duties you cannot escape duties that will make your life harder but worth it! Duties that may make you lose but will also make you desire to win! Duties that you are not doing for yourself but for the sake of your family! Duties that may get all your strength, patience and power but still you will regain them! Duties that will change your life into something that is really unexpected! Duties that you need to fulfill as a “mother”

And that duty are, well surely you already know this if you are a mother like me, but let us take it down.

1.Commit yourself to them! To your family- also known as surrendering all you have! Once you become a mother, you need to be fully committed! You need to be ready to give all you have for the sake of your family! There will be no about “you” anymore! It is all about “them” that is why you need to have that strong commitment to being the “’Ilaw ng tahanan”. You should be dedicated enough to do your job! And to remind you, this is the toughest job ever! Being fully committed will help you to be a responsible Mother, especially in the early times of your motherhood where in you need a full attention, much effort and much of yourself, it is the time when you are only at the beginning of being a mother. But still the great thing is when the time comes by and you can be committed not only as a mother but also whatever you want to be, it will be easier for you to be committed to different things! You can pursue your other needs; well mainly that time is when your family is already independent on you!


2.Take good care of your family- this maybe the common duty of a mother but also one of the hardest among all! Why? Because your family’s heath and condition will depend on you! On how you take care of them! This duty also includes all the house hold choirs, paglalaba, pagluluto, paglilinis at kung ano-ano pa! But if you were like me, who is not that good in doing household choirs! You are definitely screwed! Oh well, that can be learned naman and oh! You can hire “kasambahay” naman just like what I did! But syempre, you are still strictly responsible for them, that is why you must take good care of everything for them! You need to make sure there is no harm and they are safe. Because the truth is if something happens? It will be the death of you1 of us! The mothers, that’s how our life works.


3.Guide them! Be their light- a Mom is also known as “ilaw ng tahanan” why? It is within the meaning of the words already! “Ilaw” means light! We are the light of our family! We should be lighting their dark ways, we should be guiding them! And this! My felloe moms is one of our eternal responsibility. Being the light of the family will not end until you lost your own life! Well yes that’s true! Kahit na sabihin pa nating they are already independent on us, that they can already stand on their own, still, they need our light! They need our guide! They need us! A mother onto their life. That is our duty, our responsibility! We are bound to be the “ilaw na hindi mapupunde” unless, as I have said, we die! That is the only moment we can stop guiding them and giving them light!


4.Be their source- what do I mean by “be their source”? Well yes! I mean the literal meaning of source itself! Source is from which something can be obtained, source is a provider! so be their source of everything! Their source of strength when they feel weak, their source of joy and happiness when they feel sad, their source of motivation when they lose hope! their source of anything when they lose something! Be the source of your family! This is also one of your eternal duty! To provide what they need even if you do not have it, or you also lose it! Provide all their need from you as a mother, kahit na ubos kana at wala nang natitira! That is our duty! Kay, we need to be strong, happy, full of hope and everything kahit na mahirap. We should give something even there is no even

Anything, we need to be the source of the family!


5.The last but not the least, and actually the greatest aand the most important, “love them”

-  Love them with all your heart, Mothers should love their family with all that they can. We, the Moms, should love them every single seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years of our lives! Being a mother requires a really big heart! A really big love! A love that is compassionate, a love that is immeasurable, a love that is everlasting, a love that is greater than anything, a love that is willing to sacrifice everything, a love of a mother! A love g a mother to her family! That is our most important duty! To love them whatever it takes. It is the most important yet the easiest I think, because the moment you became a mother like me, your heart is already captured! You are already chained to love eternally. Love will come automatically, you just need to nurture it and keep it there. Because for me, those Mothers who mistakenly saying that they do not love their family is just bound towards the mistake of keeping their love, maybe because there is a certain reason, but still, love is our duty! It is our responsibility to give our heart being a mother!

And that! my fellow Moms out there! are the duties of us being a mother! it will be hard at times but I know, we know rather that the price will be worth it!



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